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Love of Music and Wood - John Striegel (1958)

Since completing my art education in 1985 I have been making abstract spatial work of wood. The last 15 years I mainly make wooden musicians. For these images I often use real musical instruments that are no longer playable. I cut them into pieces and compose them in a cubist way with fruit tree wood and willow branches. This creates a musician who plays his instrument with enthusiasm. I have to hear the music, as it were, when I look at my creation, then I think the image is good and finished.

I am mainly concerned with the design, the appearance and the aesthetic whole, but I also think it is important to work as circularly as possible. I don't like to throw away, repair objects if possible and/or remove the parts that are still usable. The wood used therefore comes from pruned or dead trees, and the instruments are usually in such a bad condition that it is not worth repairing them.

The love for music is not only expressed in making 'musicians', but since my childhood I also like to play the drums and the guitar.

With the "abstracts" I try to depict a suggestion of movement and freedom, in which the space around the image plays an important role.

The wall objects are both musicians and abstracts and are made of willow/fruit tree wood, old wood or wood from utensils.

N.B. Most sculptures can also be adapted as a wall object, and some wall objects can also be used as a free-standing sculpture. Incidentally, each statue can be supplied with both a large and a small pedestal.

The very sharp photo's with the clear white background are made by photographer Marco Stroet,  Sander Heezen, and since 2022 by photographer Alex Cohen