upcoming exhibitions
14 april till 20 mai 2024   Exhibition in Het oude Raadhuis in Warmond
18,19,20 mai 2024   Participation Makkum -Art in Makkum
28,29,30 june   Participation Heiloo Kunstparade

since 2023          
  participation with my own chair in the traveling exhibition Redesigned Rietveld about furniture inspired by Rietveld

"Suzie Sousafoon" at Tolmanns gin distelery in the "Kunstfort" Vijfhuizen 2023

Art-installation "nine to the universe" 2019

And check also; Mid Mod Design / furniture.  Suddenly you can buy a chaire which I made 30 years ago. (It seems to be sold now, I know somebody who has this same chair who wants to sell it.)